Project LEOTA

In our research it was established that South Africa has a huge problem when it comes to Managing the enforcement of the rules or laws for motor vehicles on our roads. We have found out that there is a wasteful expenditure on a local municipal level already when it comes to the procurement of carbonated traffic fine books for example. We understand that is similar on a provincial or even national level. We further looked into the processing of traffic fines and how the law enforcement officer captures such fines or even opens an accident report.

Project LEOTA was patented by Southern Sons Group (PTY) Ltd. under the South African Patent Act with the Companies & Intellectual Property Commission under the following RSA Patent Application No.: 2019/04952 – Method and System for Managing the Enforcement of Rules or Laws

Project LEOTA is a mobile application which can be used by various law enforcement departments such as Metro Police, SAPS, National Traffic Police, Community Safety Officers. It also makes provision for Police Stations and Border Posts to capture incidents, foreign drivers or foreign vehicles. Mobile Units (street patrol) have the application installed on a smartphone (Android). This application has several security features that it can be locked remotely, users/password identification and more.
The LEOTA Application links to a secure database on our servers which is then linked to the RTMC Database, SARS, eNATIS etc. The embedded mobile camera ensures that the driver’s license or vehicle disc can be scanned and checked with the backends and access points provided to verify the identity of the driver/vehicle.

What you will get with LEOTA

Web Interface

Your administrative interface to register and maintain your officials, pull KPI Statistics, register new users or devices and more.


LEOTA can be customized according to your needs.

Email and SMS

All captured incidents or accidents will be automatically sent to the roaduser via Email and SMS.

mobile Application

The law enforcement and security officials will use a mobile app to perform their duties with extra security functions to avoid dataloss or leakage.

Key Features

  • Scanning of Driver’s License to verify Validity, AARTO Status etc
  • Scanning of Vehicle License disc to verify validity, ownership and status (for example stolen)
  • Immediate road user identification
  • Immediate vehicle identification
  • Capturing of Traffic Offences and immediate processing
  • Capturing of Incidents and Accidents
  • Logging feature for KPI and Statistics

Why your Department should place an order today

  • Significant reduction of errors on submission and processing
  • Faster processing times
  • Faster payments
  • Significant reduction of bribes
  • Significant reduction of office costs such as papers
  • Reduction of write offs


By implementing and using the LEOTA App departments will significantly reduce administrative work because the fines are being captured and processed immediately and will be sent to the offender in an email and SMS. All details are being captured correctly such as names or vehicles details as this data is being pulled from the databases for immediate verification and reduction of typo errors. The law enforcement officer can also access unpaid fines for the driver, AARTO/Demerit Points and more.
As an additional feature we have included KPI and Statistics which gives a breakdown of the actions conducted on the mobile application. This is to reduce the paperwork for roadblocks for example and the end-user can be held responsible or accountable for not taking further actions against a serial offender for example.
We believe that the tracking function will reduce the rising corruption amongst law enforcement officials.

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In our research it was established that South Africa has a huge problem when it comes to Managing the enforcement of the rules or laws for motor vehicles on our roads.

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