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WeDev.Africa, a dynamic digital marketing agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa, recently achieved a groundbreaking milestone. Our first international project, a collaboration with MSV Systemhaus Peine from Peine, Germany, has been a resounding success, setting a new standard for our global outreach and capabilities. This project is a testament to WeDev.Africa’s ability to extend its exceptional services beyond local boundaries marks a significant step in our global journey.

Project Overview

The task at hand was a comprehensive digital overhaul for MSV Systemhaus Peine, focusing on several key areas of digital optimization. Our goal was to transform their online presence, adapting to modern standards while enhancing user engagement and SEO effectiveness.

Conversion of Legacy CMS to WordPress

At the core of this international endeavor was the transition from a dated CMS to WordPress. Our team skillfully managed this migration, ensuring a seamless transition that preserved the client’s digital identity and enhanced their platform’s capabilities.

Restructuring of Sitemap

Recognizing the importance of a logical and efficient sitemap, we reorganized MSV Systemhaus Peine’s website structure. This step was crucial for user navigation and played a significant role in improving the site’s SEO performance.

Resubmission of New Sitemap to Google

To maximize the benefits of the restructured sitemap, we promptly resubmitted it to Google. This critical move was aimed at optimizing the website’s search engine recognition, paving the way for better online visibility and ranking.

Content Optimization

Understanding the power of content, we enriched the website with strategically chosen keywords and relevant, engaging text. This enhancement was not just for SEO; it was also about elevating the quality of information presented to the audience.

Ongoing WordPress Maintenance

Our commitment to MSV Systemhaus Peine didn’t end with the project’s completion. WeDev.Africa continues to provide ongoing WordPress maintenance, ensuring the website remains current, secure, and performs optimally.

SEO Optimization

A continuous effort in SEO optimization, including the creation of backlinks and text enhancement, has been part of our service package. This approach ensures that MSV Systemhaus Peine maintains a competitive edge in search engine rankings.


This first international project for WeDev.Africa marks a pivotal chapter in our story. Our successful partnership with MSV Systemhaus Peine is not just a showcase of our digital marketing prowess but also a symbol of our expanding global footprint. As we continue to venture into new territories, this project will be remembered as a cornerstone of our international success – a blend of innovation, dedication, and a deep understanding of the evolving digital world.

WeDev.Africa: Triumph in Our First International Venture with MSV Systemhaus Peine

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MSV Peine


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