4 Measures to cut back the burden to corporations impacted by COVID-19

This article provides 4 easy steps to help you and your business recover from the COVID-19 disaster.

Below is a quick summary of the model-new measures launched by the Authorities to ease the burden to corporations brought on by Coronavirus (COVID-19):


The Enterprise Development and Resilience Facility is concentrated at SMMEs who regionally manufacture or supply hygiene and medical merchandise which is perhaps in demand as a method to curb and deal with the unfold of the COVID-19 virus. These are merchandise comparable to sanitizers, detergents, and tissue paper. This facility will present working capital, stock, bridging finance, order finance, and gear finance. The funding amount is perhaps based on the funding wants of the actual enterprise.


The SMME Aid Finance Facility will current soft-loan funding for current corporations in misery on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. The help will most likely be for an interval of 6 months, from 01 April 2020. In an event the place SMMEs would require to assist for longer than 6 months, the time interval may be extended relying on their wants. Separate and tailor-made Providers are being finalized for the Casual Sector, Spaza Retailers, and the Self-Employed.

Key to the qualifying standards for the Enterprise Development and Resilience Facility and the SMME Aid Finance Scheme is that the entities have to be 100% South African owned, 70% of their staff have to be South African, and the entities have to be registered and be compliant with SARS. Within the occasion that an SMME is just not compliant, they are going to be assisted with the compliance course of earlier than their functions could be thought-about.

The SMME South Africa platform (www.smmesa.gov.za) will function as a gateway for SMMEs to use for each monetary and non-financial assist, entry details about enterprise alternatives, and market entry assist through the pandemic and, past.


The SAFE-Debt Restructuring Facility is geared within the course of SAFE-funded SMMEs which could be negatively affected by the pandemic. A charge moratorium/ vacation is perhaps given to the qualifying SMMEs for an interval of most of 6 months, in efforts to chop again the installment burden of mortgage obligations on the affected SMMEs. These SMMEs will most likely be required for example the direct linkage of their enterprise misery to the pandemic.


In an effort to mitigate the monetary effect of the COVID-19 and the 21-day lockdown which President Cyril Ramaphosa launched earlier this week, authorities have arranged a neutral support fund known as the Solidarity Response Fund. The aim of the fund is to produce assistance to South Africans affected by the outbreak.

The fund is independently administered and South African corporations, organizations, and people, along with members of the worldwide group can contribute to it.

It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure that s/he additionally confirms the most up-to-date content on the Coronavirus Website of the National Government. This document does not constitute legal or medical advice.

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